Spring Too


by Peter Brav

robin egg

Back at the table to negotiate

Warm blue sky running few weeks late

One groundhog dropped

Another one dead

Give me one reason to get out of this bed

Thin blood, thin patience

Crazy texting drivers on all that black ice

Weather and traffic every seven minutes

No news here but it is never nice

Robins voice enough is enough

Three ounce songbirds can handle rough

Yellow sprouts in fog of gray

Galoshes hung and children play

There’ll be no stopping it soon

April hurtling through May and into June

Impatiens planted, even weeds look pretty

Replacing oil blackened slush of a major city

Blues, greens, yellows, reds

Life springs again from beneath deathbeds

Every year the struggle grows

Every interminable frost seems our last

Then magnificent spring arrives

Its budding color glory

Consigning hopelessness to the past


Peter BravSource:  Baret News Wire


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