by Peter Brav


I’ve had enough of the white stuff

Frigid, miserable bite stuff

Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rudolph light fluff

If I wanted frozen hands and eyes

If I wanted aching shovel backs

If I wanted weather weather everywhere

Meteorologists warning me of sights unseen

Knocking traffic, sports and other chaos

From the screen

Polar Vortex inside my beaten Gore-Tex

If I wanted to live in Minnesota

Well then, I guess I would have

Turn the clock forward please

Do it now, I’m on my knees

Give me the pink dresses

Smiling young lover Central Park caresses

Outdoor school recesses

And easy forming smiles

Lilies sprouting, umpires shouting

And the dogs really do want to go outside

We will walk the High Line

And live the high life

We will live and let love


This time I will appreciate

This time I will remember

You made your point back in December

The rest has been a bit of overkill, don’t you think?

We will raise our glasses any warm day now

And toast nature’s power

Her cruel sense of humor

But another snowstorm’s coming Sunday

Making this spring just so much rumor


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